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New MOSTCO Administrator Assigned

Henry Muyshondt Succeeds Rainer Klos as MOST® Cooperation Administrator

Karlsruhe (Germany) November 13, 2014 – Henry Muyshondt, of Microchip Technology, has been appointed the new Administrator of the MOST Cooperation (MOSTCO) – the standardization organization for the leading automotive multimedia network Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST). In his new position, Mr. Muyshondt will work on the continued rollout of MOST150, based on the Specification Rev. 3.0, and will lead MOST Technology into the future. "It is exciting time for MOST Technology," said Henry Muyshondt. "It is currently used in more than 170 car models, with many new ones yet to come. The scalable and multiplex architecture with powerful interfaces, multiprotocol channels, synchronicity and low latency has resulted in the extendable MOST architecture that meets the needs of the automotive data network for many years to come." The administrator is responsible for the execution and organization of decisions made by the Steering Committee.

MOST Involvement

Besides his new role at MOSTCO, Henry Muyshondt is Senior Manager at Microchip Technology. He was one of the early employees and General Manager, Business Development, of OASIS SiliconSystems, one of the founding partners of the MOST Cooperation. Henry holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida as well as a Masters of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He holds ten US patents and has written extensively about MOST in various industry publications. He has been instrumental in introducing the MOST networking technology into the automotive industry. He also serves on the CEA’s Mobile Electronics Division Board and various technical committees that have created two CEA standards related to MOST. Henry has worked to bring together the automotive and CE industries and has led MOST Cooperation and CEA efforts to bridge the gap between these industries.

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Henry Muyshondt is the Administrator of the MOST Cooperation. Henry Muyshondt is the Administrator of the MOST Cooperation. Copyright: MOST Cooperation Download: 72dpi // 300dpi

About MOST® Technology

MOST® (Media Oriented Systems Transport) is a multimedia networking technology optimized for use in cars and other applications. It enables the transport of high Quality of Service audio and video together with packet data and real-time control over a single transmission medium. MOST can use plastic optical fibers (POF), coax based electrical physical layer, and shielded and unshielded twisted pair (STP/UTP) copper wires, that meet automotive environmental requirements. Today, MOST is used in over 170 car models as the communication backbone for their information and entertainment equipment.

About MOST Cooperation

The MOST Cooperation is the organization through which MOST Technology is standardized and refined so that it continues to stay abreast of the latest industry requirements. Today, it consists of 17 international carmakers and 60 key component suppliers. They have joined together to work with the MOST Technology and to contribute to its innovation. The MOST Cooperation is prepared to embrace efforts to further develop and standardize the technology for other industries and to establish the corresponding work structures. The MOST Cooperation was founded in 1998 to standardize MOST Technology as a global standard for multimedia networking. Audi, BMW, Daimler, HARMAN and Microchip Technology are its core partners and constitute its Steering Committee. For more information see www.mostcooperation.com.

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